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Recent Projects

Westfield Miranda Column Refurbishment 

Craft Fibreglass Composites was proud to be chosen as the composite, fibreglass repair and refinishing contractor by Westfield Design and Construction for the recently completed upgrade to the Westfield Miranda shopping centre.


Our team repaired and replaced over 120 damaged fibreglass columns before refinishing all columns in a high gloss white polyurethane coating. All work was completed onsite and outside of normal operating hours ensuring a low impact to centre operators and tenants alike.


The team at Craft Fibreglass Composites has proven experience and capacity to undertake complex manufacturing and remedial projects both at our factory and also onsite.

Mirvac Harold Park Antenna Shrouds

Craft Fibreglass Composites was invited by Mirvac Design to advise their architects on the design of an array of RF (radio frequency) transparent shroud panels for mobile phone transponder antennae atop their new Harold Park residential development in Sydney’s historic Glebe.


The panels not only had to be strong enough to withstand the specified wind loads, but also be architecturally sympathetic with the building and allow RF waves to pass through them unhindered.


Drawing on our vast experience in architectural GRP products and RF transparent shrouds in particular, Craft was not only able to guide the Mirvac’s Architects through the design process, but provided 3D CAD modelling and engineering verification of the composite panels.

Hello Koala Sculptures

Hunter Rail Project

The team at Craft Fibreglass Composites was chosen to manufacture a large range of composite and Fibreglass components for the Hunter Rail Project including over 120 interior and exterior parts.


The Craft team produced numorous patterns and moulds for a range of complex parts including and not limited to the drivers console, weather shields, hand rail panels, storage cover panels, destination indicators, ceiling panels, plinths and more.

Craft Fibreglass Composites was chosen to manufacture ATM's for one of Australia's most trusted financial institutions, the Commonwealth Bank. Contracting us based on our service and proven track record, Commonwealth required new ATM's for installation for locations across Australia.


The pattern and mould making department manufactured six moulds of various sized ATM's. These moulds were fabricated for use with the CCBM (Closed Cavity Bay Moulding) manufacturing process to ensure we could keep pace with both high production and quality demands.



Commonwealth Bank ATM's 

Westfield Sydney Ceiling Panels 

Craft Fibreglass was chosen to manufacture ceiling panels for Westfield's new flagship Sydney shopping centre. Architectural Metal Consulting approached the team at Craft to manufacture five multi faceted ceiling panels for the iconic Gucci lane.


Each Panel measured 3 metres x 4 metres and the brief was that they had to be a precise fit, the shapes had to align and the large panels had to be structurally designed not to sag as the two adjoining shops were flagship stores for global giants Gucci and Prada.


The site of the A$860 million Westfield Sydney redevelopment was once occupied by the Westfield Centrepoint Shopping Centre and the smaller Skygarden and Imperial Arcades.

Sydney Aquatic Centre 

Craft Fibreglass Composites showed their versatility when they helped the Sydney Aquatic Centre overcome two major problems.


The first request was to manufacture custom designed bull nose roofing panels to replace damaged sections of the existing roof without any drawings. The pattern and mould making team replicated the damaged sections.


The second project was to replace six damaged beams which raised and lowered the floor of the Olympic pool. The team worked hard to fulfil a tight deadline as the job had to be completed within three weeks to allow a swimming tournament to proceed.

We are pleased to announce Arts and Health Australia has selected Craft Fibreglass Composites to manufacture approximately fifty large scale Koala's for the upcoming Hello Koala project.


From September 2014, the Port Macquarie Hastings region will be populated with a number of large-scale animal sculptures, manufactured in fibreglass and hand painted by celebrity artists, professional artists and community groups.


Hello Koalas is a bold, ambitious and imaginative sculpture project, which celebrates one of Australia’s iconic animals – the Koala. Above all, it is designed to generate a sense of fun and surprise for everyone who comes across one of the creatively decorated koalas.

Craft Fibreglass Composites is proud to be the composite component supplier for Minebay’s state of the art mine toilet system. Minebay has developed a first–of-it’s-kind toilet system that has not only set the benchmark for health and safety in underground mining but will help make those private moments a little more private.


The Minebay UNEEKO toilet can support 10 people, 24 hours a day for approximately a year and because it only needs to be connected to the mine’s air supply, leaves a small footprint. The toilet sits in a fully enclosed cubicle to offer employees more privacy, while a light triggers when you hang your work belt on the wall. There are also hand cleaning dispensers built into the unit which ensure no connection to water is required.



Minebay Uneeko Toilet System 

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