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Craft Fibreglass Composites offers a full range of services including in the design, development, manufacture and repair of fibreglass and composite components across multiple industry sectors.


A list of our most popular services is available below, however Craft Fibreglass Composites is not restricted to these services alone. The key advantage in working with us is the utilisation of our skills, extensive experience, and technologies to achieve your individual outcomes regardless of type and scope of project.

Our Services

Craft Fibreglass Composites has extensive experience in the fabrication and production of patterns and moulds for a wide variety of industries. We can take your 3D CAD file, technical drawing or sketch and determine the best material and process for your application.


We work closely with our customers throughout the design stages, to ensure we produce components that not only replace existing parts, but also add enhanced features that will assist in reducing production times during the manufacturing process.

Pattern & Mould Making 

Craft Fibreglass Composites has extensive experience in all aspects of fibreglass and composite manufacturing for a range of industry sectors including transport, industrial, defence, architecture, infrastructure, marine and automotive.


We have produced thousands of components for some of Australia's most trusted organisations. We offer a range of manufacturing processes including traditional hand layup, Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) Light, Closed Cavity Bay Moulding (CCBM) and more.

Fibreglass Manufacturing 

Craft Fibreglass Composites provides an extensive range of product design and development services from initial research and concept generation, industrial design, detailed engineering, through to prototyping and manufacture.


Utilising our in-house resources we provide product design, mechanical engineering and project management. Through our established network of professional partners and proven suppliers we provide support services as required by the project to provide and complete product development solution.

Industrial Design 

The team at Craft can repair and/or modify all fibreglass and composite materials including fibreglass, carbon fibre, Kevlar as well as foam and honeycomb sandwich components. This includes both flat and complex curved surfaces.


Our team has extensive experience in the repair, refinishing and modification of all types of marine craft including pleasure, commercial and racing boats. We can also assist with repairs and modifications to street custom, show and race cars.

Fibreglass Modification & Repair

For further information relating to our scope of work, please call our office on 02 9632 1100 today.